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Festivus Open House!

Nothing to do on 12/25?  There’s Festivus for the rest of us @ TrepHub!

Festivus Countdown








You might be a festivus geek if...

OK, so it’s Christmas day and you may or may not have anything to do…

If you don’t celebrate christmas, or are alone in town and looking for something to do, come join us for our celebration of Festivus @ TrepHub.

We’ll be open from 9am-Dinner. This event is open to the community so you don’t have to be a member to come in and use the space. You can work, write code or socialize and play some XBox with others. At the end of the day 5pm, we’ll have an official Festivus Dinner (this will include complaining, Festius pole and a physical strength feat as tradition dictates). And to those of you who can’t make it, Merry XMas 🙂


So what is Festivus?

Festivus According to Wikipedia

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Wi-Fi
  • XBox One LAN Party
  • Complaining
  • Food
  • Feats of Strength
  • Food
  • & The Festivus Pole

Festivus at Trephub


Friday 12/25

Starts: 9am

Ends: 7pm

Dinner: 5pm

The Festivus Story

Dinner Aenda

  • Airing of Greviences
  • Eating
  • Discussing Festival Miracles
  • Feats of Strength


Expected Participation


Expected Enjoyment


Accuracy of Past Predictions

Be a Winner Like This Guy! (Although he'll be home, celebrating with his family)

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