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About Story Time:

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when working on tough technical problems, or get frustrated and disappointed with our work when things done work out quite right. This is even more true for us geeks who often work in solitude. But you are not alone. Come hear the stories of good and bad luck, tough work and the challenges overcome by some of the prominent local techies and entrepreneurs in intimate setting that’s closer to hanging out, than listening to someone speak down to you from the podium. Story time is an Evening meetup aimed at bringing together the local community to reflect on the experiences of the Technologists and Tech Founders in the Space Coast in Brevard.

Pizza and refreshments will be available. As always there is no charge for this meetup but donations can be made to TrepHub at the event.


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Ahmed Reza is the Host for the Event.

 RoadMap of Events:

Week Date Guest Intervier Title
1 Past Keith Donald Ahmed Keith was  like any other developer working at a big defense company in Brevard.  Eventually he realized he wanted to do more…  Which led to SpringSource, which was sold for more than $400M and then on to SteadyTown which has already helped rehouse many homeless families in Brevard.
2 Past Alex Rudloff Ahmed A Serial Entrepreneur and techie, Alex is currently the Chief Digital Strategist for TED.  He shares his journey and lessons learned from starting up in the Space Coast, leaving, then coming back here after his startups got acquired and he yearned for home.
3 Past Scott Sorensen Ahmed Scott Sorensen was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Space Coast Business Magazine.  Here at TrepHub, he shares some of his experiences as we learn about the parallels of Entrepreneurship in Tech with other businesses that aren’t inherently tech based.  
4 Past Carol Craig Ahmed When Carol Craig started her engineering and technical support company in 1999, it was a one-woman startup, but today the company employs nearly 400 workers.  Carol Craig shares her story of going from a Technologist to a Business Person and then onto building a fast growing business which is a force to be reckoned with in the Space Coast
5 Past Event Anjan Ghosal Ahmed Anjan’s dad initially disapproved of the bright young engineer following the entrepreneurial path.  He’s certainly had his fair share of ups and downs, but after the sale of his last Telecom Startup, which he bootstrapped all the way to exit, this Serial Entrepreneur has quite a few tips to share with fellow Brevard Technologists who might not realize what we can do right here in the Space Coast 

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