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Book Review: The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis

Book Review: The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis

Hi! It’s Ahmed again with another book review. I know we’re in the middle of coronavirus and everything else that’s going on. And I’ve been under the stay-at-home order from the governor so been staying at home for the last three weeks now. I was self quarantined before because I was afraid that I may have been in touch with someone with coronavirus. I was flying a lot so this is the most fun that I get to have, get outside and make a little video.

So in the last week there’s been a lot of news. Finally, the administration seems to be waking up to the fact that it is not a hoax and that you cannot make certain things go away by calling it a hoax or by pretending that it will go away or with a good hoax.


CovidIQ In The News

CovidIQ In The News

CovidIQ.org was highlighted by News4Jax (WJXT4) in an interview with one of its founders, Mohammad Reza, MD, Infectious Disease Physician, Medical Director at CAN Community Health

CovidIQ was formed by a concerned group of volunteers from medical, epidemiological, behavioral science, engineering and IT backgrounds. We are hoping to get ahead of the coronavirus pandemic by providing real time data about COVID-19 outbreaks. Start by texting “TOGETHER” to 203-204-9964 to take a short SMS survey.

Don’t forget to share and help the community protect itself from the COVID-19 epidemic.



Help your community identify COVID-19 outbreaks

Facilitated by TrepHub, a group of doctors and information technology specialists from all over the country has combined to create a non-profit that will give users and local, state and federal government agencies more information about the novel coronavirus. It’s called CovidIQ.org

“Trying to help our community, our country to get ahead of this virus by several days, weeks if we can, to figure out where the next hotspot is,” said Mohammed Reza, a Jacksonville-based infectious disease doctor.

Reza, along with other professionals across the U.S. from healthcare and IT, founded the non-profit site where people can report their COVID-19 symptoms. Reza encourages those who don’t have symptoms to participate too.

Just text “TOGETHER” to 203-204-9964 and follow the directions.

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Website created by doctors aims to identify the next COVID-19 hotspot