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CovidIQ In The News

CovidIQ.org was highlighted by News4Jax (WJXT4) in an interview with one of its founders, Mohammad Reza, MD

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Help your community identify COVID-19 outbreaks by answering one question every other day.

TrepHub successfully launches CovidIQ

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TrepHub is working on solutions to help identify and slow down the spread of COVID.
TrepHub facilitates innovation for good, so we’re introducing people and giving them a place to discuss and help so nobody is duplicating efforts.

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Florida Space Coast


TrepHub is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the technological and entrepreneurial communities in Melbourne, Florida.

Startup Community


Our mission is to help build and grow the innovative entrepreneurial community of the Space Coast.

Shared Workspace


Coming to co-work at the hub allows you to casually bump into other local entrepreneurs and potentially build powerful and supportive relationships.

This is a very welcoming environment regardless of your level of skills with development. Everyone is passionate about the things they are doing. There is a great altruistic nature present, in regards to the projects we’re beginning to work on! I was very glad I was able to attend.

Chris Crisafulli

Interesting group of people, with lots of knowledge to share. I look forward to learning more and sharing when I can. Thanks for starting it!

Joe Kaufhold