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“When the right people come together, amazing things happen.”

–Ahmed Reza, Co-Founder


It started with wanting to see if there were people in the area interested in the same things, namely technology and startups.  At first there were 5 people who got together, but pretty soon that community grew to more than 1000+.  It wasn’t pre-meditated, and very much in the spirit of the startup, the Treps in the community tried, pivoted and tried again until we had what we needed.


“Community, Education & Infrastructure. That’s what we needed, so we built it!”

–Brandon Schmitt, Co-Founder


TrepHub was built by Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs.  In staying lean and nimble, like startups should be,  we built only what was needed and nothing more.  A place where tech enTREPreneurs aren’t a revenue source, but a the focus of the organization.  In order to achieve that, TrepHub offers a co-working space, a community event space, and a connections to technology, venture, and mentor capital.  We don’t want to burden an already overwhelmed Trep, so we try to help them launch a startup with minimal cost.  The successful startups from TrepHub give back by donating their time and money to help new Treps and to support the community events.

TrepHub is a labor of love & a way for Treps to give back to others earlier on in the journey.  So it only makes sense that we are a Florida Non-Profit 501(3)(c) Corporation and are considered by locals as be the Hub of the tech entrepreneurial community in the Space Coast.

Startups Launched


Success Rate

Active Community Members

  • Volunteers & SuperTreps 20%

Events hosted

An awesome space in the heart of Historic Downtown Melbourne located in Space Coast:

  • Within walking distance  are a wide variety of restaurants and shops.
  • Amodern collaborative workspace conducive to creativity & naps (for 20+ hour days).
  • There is a central open workspace with portable desks,
  • Almost unlimited amount of whiteboard walls, and rolling whiteboards for collaboration sessions.
  • Teams reconfigure this space to support their project collaborations and development needs.
  • We also have a conference room that can be scheduled for team, customer, and investor meetings.

Our Story:

A few years ago, Ahmed Reza started Coders, Hackers, and Founders , a secret group for techies and geeks to meet and collaborate in Melbourne. However, at first no place in Melbourne would let them meet because they had the word “hackers” in their name, even though they were harmless and had no malicious intentions. Eventually they were able to meet at a local café and grew organically from a few members to the three hundred it is today. [See Coder’s Hackers Founders meetup group] The founders, Ahmed Reza and Brandon Schmitt focused hardcore on community to grow the startup ecosystem in the Spacecoast. Through many passionate volunteers, TrepHub (the Entrepreneurship Hub) was born.


Story Accuracy

Ahmed Reza

Ahmed Reza


Ahmed is a techie and a serial entrepreneur. He got his start working on NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope project while at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He flew down to the Space Coast for the Launch of Spitzer and has been in love with the area ever since. His technical background includes developing AI for UAVs on a DOD project in Central Florida, hacking car computers at SuperChips, to helping develop some cutting edge, large scale software solutions for the travel industry as a Software Lead at NCR and then as a Software Architect at LiveTV. During his time at Cornell, Ahmed also helped design the telematics and control system for the Cornell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team and advised the Darpa Grand Challenge team. Hacking things together and building things was keeping him up at night. As such, he’s always had two passions: technology and business. Ahmed’s first business venture was also launched while he was at Cornell, a shop called “Ahmed’s House of Essence” in the Ithaca Mall. After moving to Florida, he started CyberCarz, which sold cars online and went to start more software-oriented startups in cahoots with other hackers and entrepreneurs. Ahmed loves to spend his rare free time with his family. He also likes to unwind by meeting up with his fellow organizers and members of the local meetup group, Coders, Hackers, and Founders.

Brandon Schmitt

Brandon Schmitt

Co Founder

Brandon Schmitt, an Entrepreneur and Software Geek, is also Founder & CEO at Alidyne Corporation. After graduating with his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, Brandon found himself in a world of embedded software design, prototyping, and product development. Today Brandon is working as part of a team of amazing engineers at a startup developing technologies that would seem Sci-Fi to most people. In his spare time, Brandon also sits on the Board of Directors for TrepHub (more like ALL his spare time). Brandon’s current interests include 3D modeling computer vision algorithms, small semi-autonomous aircraft avionics, spaceflight avionics, and his Wi-Fi controlled robotic lawnmower.  When Brandon isn’t pushing the boundaries of technological innovations or helping the startup ecosystem, he’s busy being dad to two very energetic and eager little scientists.

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