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Ahmed Reza On AI And Entrepreneurship: KyoVentures Guest Speaker

Ahmed Reza On AI And Entrepreneurship: KyoVentures Guest Speaker



TrepHub co-founder Ahmed Reza is KyoVentures virtual Speaker Series on July 7

This event is for:

  • Startups
  • Those interested in artificial intelligence
  • Entrepreneurs

For this speaker series, Ahmed Reza will be talking about AI and Entrepreneurship.

This one-hour event will consist of a talk by Reza about the programs and companies he found as well as how AI transformed the travel industry, followed up by a 20 minute Q&A session.

About the speaker (LinkedIn):

Ahmed is an AI geek and a serial entrepreneur who started his engineering career building image-processing software for NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope while at Cornell University. He participated in the DARPA Grand Challenge, which resulted in the world’s first self-driving cars. His technical work extends from developing AI for UAVs, hacking car engine control units (ECUs) to make them go faster, and designing and building scalable solutions for the travel industry such as self check-in and FlyFi for connectivity in the air. Seeking to combine his passions in business and engineering, Ahmed started Coders, Hackers, and Founders (CHF), a secret group for techies and geeks to meet and collaborate in Melbourne, Florida. After CHF gained traction, this group led to the formation of TrepHub, a non-profit/open source version of YCombinator in Florida’s Space Coast which helped bootstrap and launch over 30 startups. He is currently the CEO and Founder of YiB.io, a mobile application that puts all social communications in one place.

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credits to Sabrina Le of KyoCera