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No Regrets.  Look Forward!

No Regrets. Look Forward!

regret is of the devil”

I heard something very interesting today… “Regret is of the devil”. And for some reason it resonated with me.

After thinking about it a little I realized that this is an old lesson that I forgot.  Regret really doesn’t serve much of a purpose.  Sure, it’s good to recognize mistakes, only so far as to learn from them, maybe even analyze them and move forward. However, the actual act of regretting goes much further than that. Regret can be a gateway to depression. If you’re obsessive like me, then regret can mean obsessing about all that could have been. And as you get older, you’re bound to look back and regret some things. If you don’t catch yourself fast enough, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about the path not taken that could have made everything so much better than the path you chose. This line of thinking is for fools because if you step back and really analyze things, things could have been a hell of a lot worse. There are things that I have now, that I never could have dreamt of achieving. Sure, some of the crazy dreams I had didn’t pan out (yes, still haven’t taken over the world). Therein lies the evil.